Images start at couple of dollars each and their selection of images grows every single day. All the photographs on this site are professional and usable for posters, flyers, as well as web-design.

If your business consistently requires between 10-50 stock photos per month, you have moderate stock photo needs. You’ll require a solution that gives you more photos for less. The best option for your business is 99 Club. For $99, you can download 200 images for an entire year.

If you’re using just 16 images per month, your cost for the entire year would equal out to just $8.25 per month. For every photo you need over the allotted 200, you pay $1 each. So if you need 20 stock photos per month, your monthly expenditure for a membership with 99 Club would equal out to just $11.58 per month. Even if you needed 50 photos per month, you monthly equivalent would cost just $40.58. 99 Club is certainly one of the cheapest stock photo sites for small to medium businesses

Digital single lens reflex  or DSLR cameras open a whole new world to your creative capabilities. This DSLR photography site will give you the techniques to be a successful photographer with a Digital SLR camera. Three very important parts of digital photography are ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. These three elements are combined to create a proper exposure. Exposure itself doesn't mean anything except the proper combination of those three elements to allow just the right amount of light for the right amount of time on a sensor just sensitive enough to capture the digital photograph you envision. See our specific pages on aperture, ISO, and shutter speeds to see digital image examples and learn more about what they mean to your DSLR photography techniques. When you understand these three aspects of digital photography you'll be in a good place to move on to more challenging DSLR photography issues. You'll soon be on your way to working towards taking professional looking digital SLR photographs. Another growing trend in the digital photography world is High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. A computer program is usually used to combine parts of underexposed and overexposed images to create an image with the best of both qualities. This usually means something like having a building in daylight with a dramatic sunset in the same image. Another DSLR photography tips is that some DSLR cameras can merge images as well which is basically the same thing. You would use the bracketing feature to take two images quickly in a RAW format and then use the merging feature on your digital camera to merge them.

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