Proffesional Photography

PhotoSpin is one of the best ways to get the cheapest stock photos online since the price per image is extremely low. Find more about shutterstock coupon Finding the cheapest stock photo site for your business depends on what your daily and weekly stock photo needs are. Depending on if your small to medium-sized business uses just a few photos each day or hundreds per month really influences what kind of savings you can expect to find. In this post, we will introduce you to some recommend cheap stock photo sites that can help your business get the high-quality images you need at a price that works for your budget.

Businesses with Low to Moderate Stock Photo Needs Perhaps you only need stock photos are not very regular and you just need access every so often. Then a credit package would work best for you.

A great place to start is Fotolia which offers credit packages that can save you money. For $20 you can get 5 XXL photos or 10 medium images. If your stock photo needs are not frequent and you might only need some right now, this can be one of the cheapest sites to find stock photos. At the price of $2 for 10 medium images, you’ll be able to get a quick boost of high-quality stock photos. One negative of Fotolia is that his price is only good for one month. Your download credits will expire if you don’t renew your plan. If you want to subscribe for more months, you will gain access to a better price point. You can save money by registering on longer periods.

If your business needs less than 8 stock photos per month, the cheapest stock photo site for your needs would be finding one that offers a low credit package.

For example, the annual membership to Dollar Photo Club will give you access to 99 images that you can download throughout the entire year. If you’re using just 8 stock photos per month, your costs would be just $8.25 per month for high-quality stock photos. If you ever need more than the 99 stock photos, you can download as many more as you want for just $1 more.

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